Last night was HUGE

I wanted so badly to post this last night, but I decided to do it today. Last night I decided that next year, 2013, I will run my first MARATHON!

Why right?

26.2 miles. Daunting. I can’t even stand to drive that long- I cant imagine even run…

BUT there’s reason for this!

So this past year I ran my first half marathon. It was a grueling 13.1 miles filled with a bitter wind, hills, and straight up pain. Throughout it I remember questioning my sanity- “why did you think this would be fun?!” “You should have trained more.” “Next time lets just stick to the 5ks”. Everything ran through my head. The next thing I knew, mile 12 was approaching and thinking- omgah you actually might pull this off. The greatest and most memorable moment of my life was crossing that finish line. Never in my life would I ever had said “I think I’ll run a half marathon one day.” At 16 I was a coach potato. At 21 I was a half marathon runner. Who would have thought?? But setting goals and having high ambitions just push me harder to make the payoff greater.

After my first marathon, I remember my body shutting down. I couldn’t run and had absolutely no interest in doing physical activity. I felt so exhausted from pushing so hard for so long. However, I know I needed a new goal to work for- that’s when I signed up for halfie #2. This run was the best run of my life. Throughout the race I never once felt tired or fatigued (occasional knee pain) but I felt unstoppable. In 6 months I trained well enough to shave 10 minutes off my time! & the best part is, I’ve been able to keep up my long distance running post race!

SOOOOO to wrap up this whole sha-bang: the reason for dabbling with 26.2… I have never felt so motivated in my life than I have these past few weeks. Setting out for 8 mile runs that accidentally turn into 10/11? Pushing myself because I know I can! Disney is coming around the corner and my training is better than ever. So that is why- I am choosing the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013 as my first 26.2. I’ve already ordered a book on stories, plans, and tips & I cant wait to get reading! More to come on this entire topic, but I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with anyone willing to read.

For anyone who does read my blog- make your dreams come true. Make plans for your future that motivate you to work hard to make them come true, because when you do, you own the world!

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