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Well this is embarrassing. It has been way too long since my last post. I think the last one was since Halloween and now it’s almost Thanksgiving! YIKES!!!

I am home now for thanksgiving break (my school gives us a week off!) and man must I say it’s good to be home. Nothing beats family, good food, good company and memories. Lately I’ve been driving around listening to Third eye blind (my very favorite band) and it’s just so nostalgic!

Of course upon coming home I get greeted first thing by one if my two fuzzy faces

We spent the night hanging out!

20121119-235506.jpg Just me and my best friend!

I tell yah- nothing is better than having a pet. They love you no matter the mistakes you make. Everytime they see you they’re ecstatic! Even if you’re In a crap mood, they somehow know how to make it better!

Since being home I have been quite the Martha Stuart! I found a project in Pinterest for an embellished sweatshirt . It was so fun!Here’s the final product:20121120-000228.jpgI bought a sweatshirt from Target (men’s because the women’s ones fit weird). The problem? The neck was too small, so I cut it. Then I needed to get rid of the edgy crap. So I handy dandy sowing machined it! So fun! And for the beads I used gems that i glued on with fabric glue. Seemed pretty sturdy. I also made a matching one for my mom. She doesn’t like the elastic on the bottom so I removed it, sowed it and no problem! Scored myself a little headband from it 😉
20121120-000526.jpg tooooo fun!

So through my travels since my last post I’ve made my own clothes! Give it a try! Next I will try buttons!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are preparing for a great week! Tomorrow I am making 2 ingredient pumpkin cookies for thanksgiving! Look out for that (I promise to be better with posting). Night night!




I officially have cabin fever…5 hours into the hurricane. But really 2 hours into the hurricane since I went out this morning for my chiropractor appointment.

The hurricane is beginning to hit with a little more force than at 12 this afternoon. On the way to the dr the roads were desolate. I drove on the wrong side for a second just to see what it was like….i came to conclusions, very unnatural hahaha. The doctors was so so. I have a problem with my hips causing a problem in my knees causing a problem in my feet which have deteriorated my arch support in my left foot -_- when it rains it pours huh? Well he’s got some fancy orthotics coming my way and determined to get me on my marathon track with a healthy body. I’m glad he’s willing to help me 🙂

After I came back to my room I called home (mom & dad on Long Island), which is currently in the process of sinking I’m convinced. My really good friend from home has been posting pictures….not looking pretty.

Mostly underwater, even my favorite bar (bottom right)!!!! NOOO! Luckily my homes more inland but mom said there’s no power now & the county called with a warning that power could be out for 7-10 days…stay afloat Long Island!

As for me, I am safe at school with generators and electricity. I definitely am very lucky that’s for sure!

In the meantime I am making energy bites! I found the recipe here and with some alteration I just finished balling them! And MAJOR alterations because of my lack of supplies. So I ran over to the cafe, which is bare bones, and got some golden raisins, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes. Cam home, added that to a mixture of rolled oats, muesli, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, & some of my new coconut peanut butter. So like I said, major alterations especially on the agave nectar. What the heck is that even?! I googled it- it’s some sugar crap that could be replaced with maple syrup. Phew! After I had all my stuff mixing I thought I was a goner without that nectar.

After much mixing and cooling, they don’t look exactlyyyyy like the websites, but here I present, drumroll
Kristen’s Energized Kitchen Sink Meatballs! 20121029-164257.jpg
Hahhaah like my face thing? I thought it was cute. But back to the meatballs, they’re pretty stinking good. The coconut gives them some solid flavor! If you attempt theses, let me know how it goes! I think anything from pecans, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, craisins, dates, apricots, butterscotch chips, anything could go into it and it would be good!

Hope everyone is safe and sound at home. I will be lighting some candles & crying at the fact I can’t go for a run 😦 wah. Soon!

Till next time- Kristen

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