Hello wanderers!

Finallllly the day has come! My first blog is born! I have to tell you- I’ve been pretty excited to start doing this. However, please bare with me while I try to figure out how this blogging thing works! I’m a quick learner-so hopefully it shouldn’t take so long. The first thing I am going to attempt to do is make an about me page. For now I’ll do a little intro just so you’re not clueless to who I am!

With further adieu- my names Kristen! I’m really into food and fitness and everything in-between  I consider myself adventurous-hence the wandering. However, I want to prove that not all who wander are lost, were just merely looking for a new adventure! To get to know me a little better, I thought maybe I’d make a little “acrostic poem”-if you will. But, I am going to do it my way, they way farthest than a real English poet would- hehehehe.

My fake-crostic poem:

Krafty. (See what I did there). We’ll pretend that’s how crafty is spelled…I really enjoy painting. At my parent’s home I have a little table in the basement called “my studio”- its great! There is two easels and tonssss of paint! Everywhere! (Even permanently stuck on the table…) Sorry Dad! I love to paint with acrylics and sometimes watercolors. Sketching is a passion too. Aside from paining- I have to say I realllllly enjoy the DIY Craft section of Pinterest. Lately I have been really into making my own headbands from old t-shirts! (Future post!)

Running. Running is my passion in life among many things- but it is something that reigns most prominent over the others. I started taking up running when I was a freshman in college (4 years ago already), a time when McDonald’s made a good snack and I was about 40lbs heavier (not kidding). Sometimes I like to think of running as my savior- saving me from bad habits. I began to use running as my outlet  when I was sad, motivated, excited, worried and the list goes on. It wasn’t until my new hobby started making me look and feel better. Now I run road races from 5ks to half marathons! My little collection of metals and bibs are proving to be really honorable and makes me really proud of myself 🙂

Investigative. I often ask a lot of questions- to myself or anyone listening. If I cant find the answers, I look to google or other sources for answers. My mind takes me to some different places, but has made me knowledgeable about a lot of stuff! I reallllly like to read about fitness and food (hence the theme here). Hopefully I’ll be able to shed some light on to somethings you may know!

Sweet-toothed. Or really any kind of tooth. I may have lost 40lbs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy chowing down on some reallllly yummy food! I consider myself to be a healthy eater (minus the occasional weaknesses-ice cream, cookies, chocolate…..you get the picture)

Terrible spellerPlease, mind my awful grammar and spelling. I know, you’re probably saying “how can you have a blog and not have good grammar ” Knowing that ANYONE could be reading this-gives me motivation to makes sure my grammar skills are sharp as knives :). So just look the other way if somethings out of place 🙂

Education. I am currently a senior in college pursuing a life in teaching high school students mathematics. I know [INSERT GROSSED OUT FACE HERE]. Every time I say I want to teach math everyone lets me know a) they’re not a fan of math b) they had a crummy math teacher c) that they think I’m off my rocker. WHY NOT FOLKS! SOMEONES GOTTA DO IT! But really, its fun. I’m sure Ill be writing about my classroom observations often- there are some reallll dooseys! -_-

Never says never. My ambitions get the best of me and disappointment is my biggest enemy. I am the type of person to start something and be determined to finish it with A+ effort. Sadly, this makes me my biggest critic- worst than Simon Cowell. Where on the other hand- it makes me feel on top of the world when I succeed! Best of both worlds?!


Hope this gives you a big enough picture about me and what makes me tick! I reallly look forward to my next post *thinking about it already!*


Till tomorrow wanderers!


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