A dusty blog

Well this is embarrassing. It has been way too long since my last post. I think the last one was since Halloween and now it’s almost Thanksgiving! YIKES!!!

I am home now for thanksgiving break (my school gives us a week off!) and man must I say it’s good to be home. Nothing beats family, good food, good company and memories. Lately I’ve been driving around listening to Third eye blind (my very favorite band) and it’s just so nostalgic!

Of course upon coming home I get greeted first thing by one if my two fuzzy faces

We spent the night hanging out!

20121119-235506.jpg Just me and my best friend!

I tell yah- nothing is better than having a pet. They love you no matter the mistakes you make. Everytime they see you they’re ecstatic! Even if you’re In a crap mood, they somehow know how to make it better!

Since being home I have been quite the Martha Stuart! I found a project in Pinterest for an embellished sweatshirt . It was so fun!Here’s the final product:20121120-000228.jpgI bought a sweatshirt from Target (men’s because the women’s ones fit weird). The problem? The neck was too small, so I cut it. Then I needed to get rid of the edgy crap. So I handy dandy sowing machined it! So fun! And for the beads I used gems that i glued on with fabric glue. Seemed pretty sturdy. I also made a matching one for my mom. She doesn’t like the elastic on the bottom so I removed it, sowed it and no problem! Scored myself a little headband from it 😉
20121120-000526.jpg tooooo fun!

So through my travels since my last post I’ve made my own clothes! Give it a try! Next I will try buttons!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are preparing for a great week! Tomorrow I am making 2 ingredient pumpkin cookies for thanksgiving! Look out for that (I promise to be better with posting). Night night!




I officially have cabin fever…5 hours into the hurricane. But really 2 hours into the hurricane since I went out this morning for my chiropractor appointment.

The hurricane is beginning to hit with a little more force than at 12 this afternoon. On the way to the dr the roads were desolate. I drove on the wrong side for a second just to see what it was like….i came to conclusions, very unnatural hahaha. The doctors was so so. I have a problem with my hips causing a problem in my knees causing a problem in my feet which have deteriorated my arch support in my left foot -_- when it rains it pours huh? Well he’s got some fancy orthotics coming my way and determined to get me on my marathon track with a healthy body. I’m glad he’s willing to help me 🙂

After I came back to my room I called home (mom & dad on Long Island), which is currently in the process of sinking I’m convinced. My really good friend from home has been posting pictures….not looking pretty.

Mostly underwater, even my favorite bar (bottom right)!!!! NOOO! Luckily my homes more inland but mom said there’s no power now & the county called with a warning that power could be out for 7-10 days…stay afloat Long Island!

As for me, I am safe at school with generators and electricity. I definitely am very lucky that’s for sure!

In the meantime I am making energy bites! I found the recipe here and with some alteration I just finished balling them! And MAJOR alterations because of my lack of supplies. So I ran over to the cafe, which is bare bones, and got some golden raisins, chocolate chips, and coconut flakes. Cam home, added that to a mixture of rolled oats, muesli, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, & some of my new coconut peanut butter. So like I said, major alterations especially on the agave nectar. What the heck is that even?! I googled it- it’s some sugar crap that could be replaced with maple syrup. Phew! After I had all my stuff mixing I thought I was a goner without that nectar.

After much mixing and cooling, they don’t look exactlyyyyy like the websites, but here I present, drumroll
Kristen’s Energized Kitchen Sink Meatballs! 20121029-164257.jpg
Hahhaah like my face thing? I thought it was cute. But back to the meatballs, they’re pretty stinking good. The coconut gives them some solid flavor! If you attempt theses, let me know how it goes! I think anything from pecans, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, craisins, dates, apricots, butterscotch chips, anything could go into it and it would be good!

Hope everyone is safe and sound at home. I will be lighting some candles & crying at the fact I can’t go for a run 😦 wah. Soon!

Till next time- Kristen

Too long

Well this is embarrassing. My last post was October 16 and it is now October 28…I promise, this will never happen again.

So much has happened these last week or so, I’ll do my best to organize this post without toooo much info.


1. Since I’m doing the RunnersWorld challenge for the Disney half, I received this awesome book The Complete Book of Running .


Hands down my favorite book right now. I has everything from tips for training, stretching, food and training plans. I can’t put it down!

2. I attended my first running group yesterday. I felt like the new girl but was greatly welcomed. I enjoyed running with people and chatting, it surely makes running go by faster. The grop was only doing 7miles even though the plan said 13. I prepared for 13, so I did 13. I felt great after! No knee problems or IT band problems! **relieved** I was hoping to up it to 14 next Saturday, but with the hurricane I have a feeling the trail will be torn up 😦 I hope not though

3. Spur if the moment moment of the week: random 5k! I got an alert for it awhile ago but was unsure if I was gonna do it. Well I woke up and decided since I’ll be cooped up from the hurricane I might as well enjoy my last day outside. My time was 23:10- 10 seconds more than I had wished but whatever I had a blasted!


1. Thursday night is my Friday since I don’t have classes Friday. I wasn’t really feeling going out so I went to he market instead. My home away from home. After my gym sesh I popped over ith a huge appetite. They have a hot foods buffet section, sandwiches, bakery and pizza. I opted for a sandwich but didn’t know what to choose, so I had the girl choose for me pretty much (I was starved-anything would have been good). Well lets say, she’s got good taste. She suggested a muffuletta which is sundries tomatoes, eggplants, balsamic, EEOO, and peppers TO DIE FOR. I should have taken a pic, but I devoted it instantly.

2. After my dinner, the shopping commenced. I had a ton of coupons so I was on a mission. One of the most interesting things I for was coconut peanut butter. I needed pb, so I figured something new (and I had a couponnnn!). So coconut? Peanuts? Well it’s an interesting combo, pb meets Malibu in my opinion. I’ve only been having it on the spoon, but soon I’ll throw it on some bread. Stay tuned to a further review!

3. Granola has been my ish lately. I’ve been chomping on pumpkin flax granola, the school granola and coco granola. All of this snacking has made me want to make some of my own! Know any good recipes?

Well this is it for now. Maybe there will be two posts today since I have nothing to due on account of the hurricane.. Stay safe everyone!

Dusting off the cobwebs

Well this is way overdue. So much has happened I don’t know where to start… I’ll just go slow then haha

1. I went to my boyfriends house this weekend. We met in college 2 years ago and have been dating over a year and a half now. Sadly he graduated last year so I’m all alone at school, so I love going to visit! We had quite the weekend! We went to the movies (go see Argo!) and went to my favorite place evaaaaa: WHOLE FOODS! Love that place. We get lunch there which is like heaven for me. They have tofu of every kind. Vegan chicken nuggets. Cookies! And better yet- FREE SAMPLES!!!!!!

We also went to a food truck competition in Boston. It was NY vs Boston, NY was best (Im from NY so of course im partial). We had tacos, empanadas and cupcakes! i also got a deish thai basil limeade. Sooo refreshing! The lines were wayyyyy long, and it got cold way fast but soooo worth it!

Then in Sunday Dan’s family came over. I absolutely love them. You know sometimes when you go to other people’s family and you feel so left out? You don’t get the stories, inside jokes or no one talks to you? They’re so not like that! They make me feel like one of the family 🙂 we had Thai food followed by endless amounts of sweets. Killed my waist line, but that’s okay. We can cheat once in awhile too 🙂

Here’s some pics from the weekend 🙂 20121016-231225.jpg

We also made some delishhhhhh pumpkin bars. I don’t profess to be a baker. I’d much rather cook meals, but these were freaked amazinggggg.

2. I’m officially a mentor to a little girl in the third grade! I applied for this program a month ago and afeter much background checking and interviewing I finally got a little girl! I’m going to meet with her every week for an hour to hang out, play games and eat lunch! It’s week was our first meet up. Proved to be really interesting. We played hangman….mind you she’s in third grade. Lets just say her spelling could use some work. Pum_pken= pumpkin, wining=winning and careng= carving?????? Well when it was frustrating, I still had fun :P. Next week were going to paint pumpkins 🙂

3. I got my first marathon reading material. Havnt cracked into it yet but hope to tonight before bed 🙂


4. For art this week we had to draw a symbol representing someone special to us. So of courses chose Dan, my beau :). He’s great at photography and really has mastered his hobby so I drew a camera. For the class we had to continue with this theme, lets just say I never want to see a camera againnnnn! Hahhaah


Well that will be all for today. Tomorrows a long run, hopefully 10 miler :X. Have a good night all 🙂 see you tomorrow!


Last night was HUGE

I wanted so badly to post this last night, but I decided to do it today. Last night I decided that next year, 2013, I will run my first MARATHON!

Why right?

26.2 miles. Daunting. I can’t even stand to drive that long- I cant imagine even run…

BUT there’s reason for this!

So this past year I ran my first half marathon. It was a grueling 13.1 miles filled with a bitter wind, hills, and straight up pain. Throughout it I remember questioning my sanity- “why did you think this would be fun?!” “You should have trained more.” “Next time lets just stick to the 5ks”. Everything ran through my head. The next thing I knew, mile 12 was approaching and thinking- omgah you actually might pull this off. The greatest and most memorable moment of my life was crossing that finish line. Never in my life would I ever had said “I think I’ll run a half marathon one day.” At 16 I was a coach potato. At 21 I was a half marathon runner. Who would have thought?? But setting goals and having high ambitions just push me harder to make the payoff greater.

After my first marathon, I remember my body shutting down. I couldn’t run and had absolutely no interest in doing physical activity. I felt so exhausted from pushing so hard for so long. However, I know I needed a new goal to work for- that’s when I signed up for halfie #2. This run was the best run of my life. Throughout the race I never once felt tired or fatigued (occasional knee pain) but I felt unstoppable. In 6 months I trained well enough to shave 10 minutes off my time! & the best part is, I’ve been able to keep up my long distance running post race!

SOOOOO to wrap up this whole sha-bang: the reason for dabbling with 26.2… I have never felt so motivated in my life than I have these past few weeks. Setting out for 8 mile runs that accidentally turn into 10/11? Pushing myself because I know I can! Disney is coming around the corner and my training is better than ever. So that is why- I am choosing the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013 as my first 26.2. I’ve already ordered a book on stories, plans, and tips & I cant wait to get reading! More to come on this entire topic, but I couldn’t wait to share my excitement with anyone willing to read.

For anyone who does read my blog- make your dreams come true. Make plans for your future that motivate you to work hard to make them come true, because when you do, you own the world!

Sunday. My favorite.

For a lot of people Sunday is just a reminder the weekend is over and a new week of work/school is about to start and thus not greatly welcomed. To me- Sunday is to reflect on how awesome last week was and to make goals for this week. I also use it as a day to not dress up, wear makeup, do my hair, and so on and so on. It’s a great way to unwind and relax.

My Week was a tad crummy but the weekend truly made up for it. Yesterday I went to a harvest festival with a few of my girlfriends. It was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. I ate food I usually stay far away from (fried/sweet/fatty) and had good laughs all day long. It really helped me understand that I can surround myself with good people and be happy. I loved it!

The best part about Saturday though was seeing a reallllyy good friend who goes to grad school now. She’s truly one of my best friend and the sister I’ve never had. She’s always there for me and ready to give any advice to help me. So seeing her was awesome!

This morning topped the weekend though. Lately I’ve been battling my knees running. They hurt so bad around mile 8. So instead of suffering I asked someone for advice about it and they suggested I stretchy my hammies out more because the pain might be caused from tight hamstrings. So after my coffee this morning I did some stretches and boy did it make a difference! Not only did I run 10 miles today on the trail – I did 11!!! It’s so motivating when I can do something not expected. Going in saying I’m going to do 10 and then upping my goal is just awesome. I’ve felt like such a winner today from it. Also running thought the crunching leaves also makes it that much better.

After my run I made my way over to Goodwill and got me a worn in fleece. It’s black, really worn and super cosy. What I love most about it is that someone loved it before me. I wonder what they were like. I wonder where they wore it? Did it go across the world or was it worn by a bonfire? Why did they give it up for someone else to love? So many wonders. Anyway. I’m glad to give it a home on my back.

What’s your favorite found possession? What type of story do you think it has?>

I hope you’ve all had a relaxing Sunday and have a great week ahead. Keep wandering, wondering and exploring 🙂


Friday folksssss


1. Went for another 10 miler. Pooped I am! I’ve taken a mental health day and laid around. It feels good but I’m ready to get going now.

2. Went to the food store yesterday (no pics sorry). I got a lot of yumyyyy things! Almond butter, chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodle animal crackers, Joseph’s pitas (to die for), and some goodies from the vegan bakery. I’m not vegan but I enjoy their desserts! And that almond butter is dwindling fast. And it hasn’t even been a day!!!!! >.<

3. I hit up a hippie store after and got the cutest head band. I really like the yoga head wraps lately. They hide the fact that some days I just roll out of bed and go to class. Heheheh

4. My friends an RA and had a social thing last night- a kiddie pool of ice cream. Def went! And had way toooo much! Who thought to put cereal on ice cream! Captain crunch and kicks! <center

20121005-152140.jpg the pictures kinda crummy and this was the end. But it was a hugeeee mountain of goodness. So good.

5. Missing my kitties today. 😦 the colored one is Libby. She’s the baby. And he grey one is Pebbles. She’s my oldest cat. I can’t wait to go home and see them! 20121005-152848.jpg
Do you have a pet/pets?!

Hope you all have a great Friday and even better weekend! Be sure to get your party on 🙂


Happppy Hump Hay!!

Today my friends was much better than both Monday and Tuesday! Yay for hump day!!


1. My day started off with an awesome run at my fabulous trail! I love running in fall because of the leaves and on the trail i go on- its soooo beautiful. The trail is called the canal actually and supposedly goes from Maine alll the at to Florida? Idk! But it’s great. There’s an asphalt trail an a dirt one on the side. There’s one part that goes into the woods a little that is the best- makes me feel like Pocahontas hahah!

Today I had big plans to get up and go at 7:30am, but lets be realistic it was more like 8:30. I needed a cup of coffee to get myself really going and I must say it got me going! I had all intentions on the run only being 9miles but after the 9 I felt good still and continued to 10!!! I felt so accomplished! The best part is I “wandered” onto a different part of the trail which made it so much more exciting! Try spicing up your usual routines- could really make a difference!

2. That was my awesome 10 mile run time- it felt real good.

3. This is my operation beautiful note from Lindsay’s October challenge. I had classroom observation today and decided what better place then to leave it in a high school bathroom! I felt pretty accomplished from it & I hope it made someone’s day better!

4. I stink at this taking pictures of my food business. I always eat it before I remember to take a picture. But this is my #1 WIAW:

It’s a Joseph’s pita with vanilla Greek yogurt, pumpkin purée, bananas and some pumpkin butter with the rest of the yogurt on the side. (There is only a half of pita- it was so good I made the other half!) I promise for next time I’ll have something better.

Today was a good day though! I had dinner with some good new friends and it really made the day that much better! Now off in a little bit to watch the Presidential Debate. Make sure you watch so you’re informed!!

See you all here tomorrow! I’m going to my favorite whole foodies market and plan on getting some yummmmmy things! Any recommendations??


Rainy day

Rainy days are never good. They make you tired, wet and have bad hair. Ugh who needs them! And to top it off, I had the worst case of the Tuesdays ever (it’s worse than the Mondays). Despite the aweful Tuesdays, here’s some pics from the day:





1. Here we have my new duck boots and some funky socks from my awesome boyfriend! My feet were definitely warm today. Don’t you find the second your feet are cold you’re freeeezingggg??

->; on that note: today on the way to class the poor cross country team was funning outside. I have to say some people love that, for me it’s not my favorite thing. Your shoes get wet, your clothes get heavy, wah wah wahhhhhh. I often thought about trying out for the cross country team, but I’d be afraid my love for running would soon turn to a chore. I’m glad with my final title: self-proclaimed runner 😀

2. My first foodie pic!!! This is my lunch (when I realized I needed a pic for breakfast it was gone :X) but I had a lovely spinach salad, grilled chicken, some cottage cheese, pumpkin puree, goat cheese crumbles and some dried peas. You gotta try those peas, they’re from Just Peas (I would put a link but the website is down :/). Then tah-boot, I concluded with a small teaspoon of almond butter (snuck a little taste of my suitmates) I am definitely going to have to get some! Any recommendations?

3. Now my pride and joy. My dinner! ’twas the best meal allllllllll day/week. I’ll post a “recipe” of my concoction but ill give you the jist: a pita bread with ff ricotta cheese, spaghetti squash, sautéed cauliflower in onions, some meatless meatballs, and the smallest amount of cheddar cheese. For the sauce I mixed s little tomato sauce with pumpkin purée and a dash of SRIRACHAAAAAAA. Mmmmmhmhmhmhmmmmm! So delish! I’ll post it soon so everyone can make it right 🙂

I hope you all had a great day!! Look for tomorrow for my first What I Ate Wednesday!


Happy October!

Happy October everyone! Hoping its going to be a lot better than September-so far it is!!

I’ve been embracing the fall atmosphere at its highest today! This morning I had oatmeal with pumpkin in it! Yummmmy- always makes for a good day! Butttt the best part about today was that my favorite bracelet is now in season! & for its first debut my pumpkin bracelet!!!


Love it! My mom got it because teachers wear things like this. Now it has me looking for bracelets like this for all seasons! Did you have a teacher that wore all those gaudy pins and earrings for holidays/seasons/occasions?

Today I spend most of the day working on my art project. Is came out really well! I started it in making my runner girl (out of magazine cut outs)- then I painted the background and hateeedddddd it! So today i did a recon mission into the art room, stole some supplies and sat in the study lounge next to my dorm suit and went to town. It’s suppose to show values, I tried my best with that and the leaves. The left sides suppose to be more darker because its farther from the sun and then I tried for more values with the shadows.


but the leaves dried up on meeeee. grrrrrrrr oh we’ll. adds effect!

-> What i truly I love about the picture is the leaves. They are actual leaves picked from the ground by yours truly and ripped up to make trees! I had the most fun looking for the leaves, they were all different. Some had red on red, orange on red, yellow and red, and even red and green! NXT time you go for a walk outside, take a look and see the foliage, the leaves are truly little pieces of art!

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